Einführung in die europäische Geschichte der Baukultur
Kurzbericht zum Projekttag mit der Zeitkette „Europäische Kulturepochen“
Am 28. Mai 2015 gingen 20 SchülerInnen der Gemeinschaftshauptschule Drimborn auf Entdeckungsreise zur Erforschung europäischer Kulturgeschichte mit der Referentin Dr. Rita Darboven vom Bildungsbüro KreaScientia gGmbH in Aachen.
VIVRE! (2015-2016)
The new “VIVRE! Project Art and living in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine" has started. Objective of this project is to connect art, culture and society in an innovative way to encourage social cohesion. Project partners are: Centre Européen d’art Fantastique (Eben-Emael, Belgium) and Stichting Kompas Nederland (Maastricht, The Netherlands).

Important date: Friday the 13th of March 2015. Seminar ”VIVRE! Art and living in the Euregio Meuse- Rhine”, Registration until 5th of March 2015.

Important date: June 2015 – June 2016 Exhibition “VIVRE!” by Centre Européen d’Art Fantastique at the Tower of Eben – Ezer in Eben-Emael, Registration until 15th of February 2015.
Thinking European History and Culture
The year 2014 has clearly shown that periods of conflict and cultural prosperity belong together. There is much to learn from the European history of today, and in building the Europe of tomorrow. Until the summer of 2015 KreaScientia participates in the project “Thinking European History and Culture (TEHC).
Climate circuit 2014
Since 2009, the fifth anniversary of the Climat circuit was celebrated. This time 17 institution invited young people to learn in a comprehensively way about their individual  options to act aginst the climat change .
New seminar: European cultural epochs
KreaScientia offers a project day on European cultural epochs. Pupils are invited to discover 3000 years of our common cultural history in an European and transnational perspective.

Climate circuit 2013

For the first time, in 2013 the Climate circuit will take place at three days. The network is enlarged and we welcome Städteregion Aachen as a new regional partner. Pupils of 4 schools from Aachen and Herzogenrath are going to discover many practical informations on climate change in their direct environment and on global level.


Climate circuit 2012

In 2012 the 3. Climate circuit was visited by 300 pupils. This was only possible because of the huge personelle involvement of the people within the network of 20 organisations. The funding was spend by the city of Aachen and the Aachen Europe Direct Information office. Many projects within the field of climate change on local and global level gave the practical informations for the theoretical backgrounds in school life.

Caretaker Conference 2012 in the Euregion Maas-Rhine
The environment organization "Caretaker" plans an international student conference in the Euregion Maas-Rhine in 2012. 300 students will be invited to display their pioneering environmental projects and to gain new and interesting learning experiences on environmental issues in the European border region. As a German partner KreaScientia supports the organisation of the conference and introdues a special project day in Aachen. More detailed information will follow shortly.
Festival of lights in Eupen Lower Town
In the context of SUN (Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood) a group of active citizens in Eupen Lower Town organizes a Festival of lights as a big neighbourhood party moderated by KreaScientia.

All citizens from the Euregion Maas-Rhine are more than welcome to join the party and discover  Eupen Lower Town in a quite different light. Numerous offers for young and old will make it an enjoyable event for all. The final of the Festival of lights will take place at about 10 p.m.

Climate circuit 2011
The brochure (in German) for the 2nd Aachener Climate circuit can be found in the download area.
Again 2011 another Climate Circuit in Aachen takes place, funded by the Environment Department of the city of Aachen. Thanks to the commitment of all participating organizations and in particular the additional funding from the Aachen Europe Direct Information office some 240 students are able to participate.
New educational program "Mies and the modern architecture"
On Sunday, 3/27/2011 celebrations in honour of the 125th Birthday of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe were held in different places: Chicago, Berlin and also in his city of birth, Aachen. In respond to the anniversary, KreaScientia is proud to introduce a new educational program "Mies and the modern architecture".
Urban pedagogy project in Bonn-Kessenich
As part of an OGS-AG 6 children aged 8-10 years, saw their district Bonn-Kessenich in a different light. After a general introduction to the topic, the the pupils explored their district.
Urban pedagogy in Aachen's East
17 children from the Municipal Catholic primary school in Aachen Mataréstraße East have attended an education city project. The results speak for themselves!
Excursion to Liège on 9th October 2010
The Forum Euregional Civic Involvement is organizing an excursion to the city of Liège themed "Liège: city and people" on the 9th October 2010.
Schools in the past and present
KreaScientia accompanied the one year project annual "School Past and Present" at the "Montessori Schule Reumontstraße" in Aachen.
Climate: local - global
During a special school trip students aged about 14 -15 were given the opportunity to explore organizations and community departments, associations and religious actors who take a variety of actions against climate change in the students own living environment.
The Aachen Europe Kit (”Aachener Europakoffer”) has been released
“Europe grows solely through its citizens” (Professor Dr. Andrea Riccardi on the occasion of the Karlspreis 2009). Understanding common ideals as well as the richness of cultural diversity is the basis for a strong Europe. Especially young Europeans can easily be interested in Europe, local geography, nature and culture, a shared past and cultural differences.
Handbook “Europa kreativ entdecken“
The "Europa kreativ entdecken" (Europe – a creative discovery) handbook has been published by KreaScientia in time for Europe Day 2009. The book describes new ways of communicating Europe and addresses teachers as well as a range of other educators working with children aged between 6 and 12. It offers a variety of new ideas illustrated with pictures of the 15 field-tested workshops and is available  as of now at a price of € 16.50.